Joe Lovelady LLB (hons), Solicitor, Supervisor of the Housing Department

Joe graduated in Law with honours in 2007 from Liverpool John Moores University and he joined this firm in 2008.

He has specialist knowledge of issues including Housing Disrepair, Unlawful Eviction, Homelessness, Anti-Social Behavior Injunctions and Possession Matters, resulting out of rent arrears and anti-social behavior.

Joe only undertakes legal work on behalf of Tenants.  He has a wealth of experience in defending housing Possession claims, ensuring that clients keep their homes.

Although Joe specialises in all types of Landlord and Tenant Law he has a particular interest in representing Tenants in actions against Landlords for Housing Disrepair, many of which have a personal injury element due to the poor housing conditions causing the Tenant to suffer ill health. He also has a track record of aggressively pursuing Landlords to ensure that the works are promptly completed and Tenants receive the maximum compensation they are entitled to.

Joe has a deep understanding of the problems that many tenants unfortunately face on a day to day basis.

Joe says:

“It should be a bare minimum that tenants are able to live in decent accommodation, which is not in disrepair. Unfortunately Landlords do not always provide such accommodation. Despite a tenant’s best efforts, it often takes a Solicitor’s involvement to ensure landlords comply with the legal obligations they owe to their tenants”.

To contact Joe please call 0151 933 3333 or e-mail

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