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Contact our Police misconduct advisors based in our Liverpool and Bootle offices. We specialise in representing clients in cases dealing with police misconduct.

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What we do

At James Murray Solicitors we are very proud of our record of helping people in England and Wales who feel they have been unfairly treated by those in authority, such as the police or prison service. You may feel you have been mistreated by the police or by a prison officer, either through wrongful arrest or other forms of misconduct. If so, you can do something about it and you may even be entitled to compensation, with our experienced police solicitors who have a long track record of helping clients who are suing the police.

Our Police Action Team have many years of experience in dealing with all aspects of Police Misconduct.

Police actions

Compensation Claims
You may feel you have been wrongfully arrested or held for longer than is necessary in custody. It may be that you have been assaulted by a police officer during an arrest or whilst in custody or by prison officers whilst in prison.

The police are not entitled to prosecute you maliciously and they must have the appropriate authority before they enter and/or search your property.

In fact, the police are not entitled to mistreat you in any way. If you feel that any of the examples apply to you, then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

In other circumstances, you may simply wish to complain about the way in which you have been treated. If this is the case then you are entitled to complain about the conduct of police officers to the Professional Standards Department or the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC).

Recovery of Property
Our police action lawyers can help you retrieve any property items seized by the police.

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Rachel Cumine LLB (Hons)


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Elliot Smallshaw LLB (Hons)


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