What is Pleural Plaques?

Pleural Plaques are areas of thickened pleura which show up on x-rays. Pleural plaques have no physical symptoms. A judgement made by the House of Lords prevents anyone in the UK with this condition from claiming compensation at present.

This ruling was reversed in Scotland and Northern Ireland, therefore if you were exposed to asbestos in these countries and have developed pleural plaques you may be able to claim compensation, but be aware there are strict time scales and it is advisable to seek immediate legal advice if you believe that you may be eligible to claim.

Despite Pleural Plaques being a non-compensatable injury in the UK, Pleural Plaques is an indicator of exposure to Asbestos dust or fibres. Therefore, if you have any concerns or you would like some information relating to this or any other asbestos related illness, please contact a member of our specialist team.

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If you have been diagnosed with Asbestos Related Pleural Plaques, or any other Asbestos related illness or you believe that you are suffering as a result of being exposed to Asbestos then call our specialist team of Solicitors on 0151 933 3333 or email us at info@jamesmurraylaw.com

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