What Is Asbestos Related Lung Cancer:

This is also known as a carcinoma of the lung or pulmonary carcinoma. It is a malignant lung tumour which is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in the tissues of the lung.

Unlike Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer is not exclusively caused by asbestos exposure. In fact it is more commonly caused by smoking.

The risk of asbestos related lung cancer increases with the level of asbestos exposure. Therefore a person who has been exposed to a high level of asbestos and is a smoker, has a more than double risk of being diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

Like Mesothelioma, lung cancer associated with asbestos is typically diagnosed at a late stage of development because of the long latency period of development and the onset of symptoms.

Asbestos-related lung cancer is no different, typically taking between 15 and 35 years to develop. Studies show latency is affected by the level of exposure and co-carcinogens such as cigarettes.

Symptoms of asbestos lung cancer may include breathlessness, pain to chest/shoulder or back area, sudden unexplained weight loss, coughing up blood and fatigue. Immediate medical attention should be sought in these circumstances and any known asbestos exposure should be mentioned to your Doctor.

Treatment depends on the type of cancer, how far it has spread and how good your general health is.

If the condition is diagnosed early and the cancerous cells are confined to a small area, surgery to remove the affected area of lung is usually recommended.

If surgery is unsuitable due to a person’s general health, then radiotherapy to destroy the cancerous cells may be recommended instead.

How Can We Help?

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with asbestos related Lung Cancer, it is important that you seek the correct legal advice from experienced Solicitors.

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