Domestic Violence and Harassment

If you are being physically, emotionally or psychologically abused or harassed, by an associated person, such as someone you are in relationship with or have been in a relationship with, you have a right by law to seek protection.

At James Murray Solicitors we understand that anyone dealing with such behavior may will be frightened  and you may be worried about seeking advice and support.  However, we have a very experienced Family Team and will treat your case with compassion and give you confidential advice.

We can refer you to appropriate domestic violence agencies who can assist with practical arrangements such as implementing safe guarding measures, rehousing and refer you for police assistance, where necessary, as well as applying to the court on your behalf, for the necessary protective orders for you and your children..

Let James Murray Solicitors help with your legal requirements.  Call 0151 933 3333 or contact us here to arrange an appointment

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