Professional solicitors in Liverpool and Bootle

Contact our team of experienced and professional Solicitors at one of our local, easily accessible offices in Liverpool or Bootle. We are proud to offer a personalised service.

Why choose us?

We are proud to deliver a high-quality and tailored service for all our clients. Benefits of our professional solicitors service include:

Easy Opening Times

Appointments arranged to suit you.

Quick advice

From one of the biggest litigation firms in the city.

We’ll fight to get you justice

A convincing, credible and Persuasive law team in your corner.

About Us

Founded in March 1991 in Bootle, Merseyside, James Murray Solicitors quickly established a trusted reputation in the local community. This mean that, via word-of-mouth recommendations, we became one of the fastest growing law firms in the North West. We have succeeded by putting our clients first and delivering a comprehensive service that meets their needs. By taking each case on an individual basis and considering its unique factors, we can maximise the chance of a positive outcome and ensure our clients are properly supported throughout the process.

What our clients say

We are proud of the feedback we receive from so many clients:

“We had felt abandoned by the English legal system for so long that we did not really hold out any hope for an acquittal. You did a sterling job and I never felt for one second that you and your law practice were not behind my cause 100 per cent. This was reflected by the great result you managed to achieve for me and my family. Thank you.”

“From the initial contact with my lawyer, to representation in court by a barrister, the service they provided was excellent. Their professional attitude and realism made my experience much less traumatic than I had feared. The sound advice and outstanding representation ensured I am at liberty today. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this law firm and even though I have moved away from Liverpool, should I ever need a solicitor in the future, I will call their number.”

“The way in which your company handled the case for my son and fought for the rightful conclusion of not guilty in the Crown Court was excellent. If ever a member of my family should need any legal help I would have no hesitation in recommending you. Many thanks.”

“….a friend, counsellor and agony aunt, as well as a legal professional….carried out each of these roles with such professionalism and assurance. I doubt whether anyone else in the legal profession could have brought my case to such a swift and satisfying conclusion.”

“Thanks to you all for resolving my case. If I ever need any legal help again I know I can count on James Murray Solicitors to help.”

“With the small amount of time you had you did a fantastic job in helping justice to be done. I can’t thank you enough.”


Call our professional solicitors on 0151 933 3333

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